October 14, 2016

A Recipe Revival

Pin It Not too long ago, I read an online article about seven forgotten dishes that should be brought back to life.  Over the years, I've written about three of these dishes.

Meat Loaf:  The Sweet and Sour Meat Loaf recipe I shared in 2014 is a twist on the classic.  It's not your grandmother's meat loaf!

Sweet and Sour Meat Loaf | Margaret's Morsels

Salisbury Steak:  A fancy name for a humble hamburger patty.  The version I wrote about three years ago calls for the sauce to be baked with the meat.  Mix, shape, bake and serve.

Salisbury Steak | Margaret's Morsels

Tuna Noodle Casserole:  I shared this classic six years ago.  Unlike the recipe from years gone by, this one is cooked in the microwave, except for the pasta.

Microwave Tuna and Noodle Parmesan | Margaret's Morsels

Click here to see the rest of the list and rediscover a dish or two you might have forgotten about.

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