August 13, 2011

Dirty to Clean in 20 Seconds

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The last few blogs have something in common.  Do you know what it is? Three of the recipes -- Baked Omelet Roll, Peach Ice Cream and Orange Peach Soup -- use a blender.

You may be wondering why I'm even writing about this.  As I wrote on my introduction at the top of the page, I love to share recipes, cooking techniques and tips.  This blog falls into the latter category.

I love to cook, but I don't enjoy cleaning up afterwards.  Some households have success with one person doing the cooking and the other cleaning up, but that's never worked at my house.  After cooking -- especially a holiday meal -- I want to get out of the kitchen fast.

Many years ago, I discovered a quick way to clean a blender.  Fill the blender container half full of water.  Add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid.

Put on the lid, turn on the blender and blend.

Remove the lid and rinse the container with hot water.  Voila!  A clean blender.

Now it's your turn.  Do you have any tips -- cleaning or otherwise -- that make kitchen work less time consuming?  Please share them here so we can all benefit and make our time in the kitchen more productive.

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