January 28, 2011


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After 22 years and hundreds of meals, my 3-quart crock-pot has cooked its final meal -- a very tasty Chicken A la King.  I haven't looked at crock-pots since I bought a 5-quart one 13 years ago.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3-quart crock-pot?  Any particular brand or features I should look for?

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  1. I love my crockpot. Use it at least two-three times a week. The lift out crock is a MUST! I have three slowcookers. Because I am a bit fanatical. I have a the "Crockpot" brandname 5qt stoneware version that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think that is around $30. It works fine for like chicken and things if you have all day to cook it. It is what the crockpot was designed to be for. I also have have the Rival 6.5 Crock pot with Elume touch screen that is about $100. I think I got that at maybe Target. But I am not real sure. I love this one because I can program it and it will start cooking at various points of the day, or cook and then change to a different temperature. I also can take this one out and put it on the table and serve from it. (I guess I could the other one too, this one is just easier to do it with because of the handles.) The last one I have is the Sanyo 3 in 1 Electric multi cooker. This is my non crockpot. It is but is, but it is not a crockpot. And I say that because you can grill in it, and then put in a tray and use it as a crockpot. So I have created some awesome meals that have a taste of "freshly grilled" foods that were actually slow cooked. It has a unique purpose. It is not a traditional slow cooker. And it needs to be a secondary slow cooker. The cost of it is about $100. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, Brenda! I've never heard of the 3 in 1 electric multi cooker. I'll have to check it out. I feel a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target in my future!