July 16, 2010


Pin It I want to include a feature that will, I hope, elicit comments and opinions about a particular food related topic.  I wasn't sure what to call the feature since it's too small to be a morsel.  My husband thought I should call it a "morselette."  I love the idea and will be posting morselettes periodically.  I hope you'll take time to share your thoughts about these topics.

Monday I wrote about deviled eggs  (A Tisket, A Tasket, A Gently Used Picnic Basket).  What do you put in your filling for deviled eggs?  Do you sprinkle the top with paprika or do anything to garnish the eggs?

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  1. I add pickle relish to my deviled eggs & yellow mustard instead of the vinegar. I always sprinkle paprika on top

  2. I put in minced onion, sweet pickle relish, a teensy bit of jalapeno, yellow mustard and mayonnaise, along with salt and pepper to taste. Sometimes I dust them with paprika, other times not.